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Health insurance for foreigners

Health Insurance for Foreigners in the Czech Republic: What You Need to Know 

Do you know what your health insurance options are in the Czech Republic if you are a foreigner? Are you interested in what the legislative requirements are and how to access quality healthcare if needed? If so, read our informative article on health insurance for foreigners in the Czech Republic.

Legislative requirements:
According to Czech laws, foreigners residing in the Czech Republic are entitled to access healthcare under the same conditions as Czech citizens. This means that if you have a temporary residence permit or permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic, you are entitled to healthcare covered by health insurance.

Two main types of health insurance for foreigners in the Czech Republic 

Public health insurance: If you have permanent residency in the Czech Republic, you are obliged to register for public health insurance. This obligation provides you access to basic medical services and medications covered by health insurance.

Private health insurance: Optionally, you can take out private health insurance, which can provide you with broader coverage and faster access to medical services. This insurance can be particularly useful for those who prefer private care or travel frequently abroad.

Document of travel health insurance for stays over 90 days

Foreigners prove the provision of payment for provided health care costs by:
a) a document of travel health insurance from one of the commercial insurance companies,
b) if they have a permit for permanent residence or if they have a purpose of employment, a document of health insurance according to Act No. 48/1997 Coll., on public health insurance, or
c) by other means, such as a verified invitation.
The obligation to present a document of travel health insurance at any time during the stay in the territory of the Czech Republic also applies to nationals of so-called third countries who stay here within the visa-free stay. Travel health insurance must be arranged for the entire duration of the stay.

Proof of travel health insurance for stays exceeding 90 days, whereby a foreigner demonstrates insurance covering expenses they are obliged to pay during their stay in the territory in the event of necessary and urgent medical care, including costs associated with transportation or, in the event of their death, transportation of their remains to the state of their travel document issuance, or to another state where they are permitted to stay.

The agreed limit of insurance coverage per insurance event shall be at least 60,000 EUR, without the insured's deductible on the aforementioned expenses.

Proof of travel health insurance is not required from a foreigner if they are insured under Act No. 48/1997 Coll., on public health insurance.

Travel health insurance for stays exceeding 90 days, when applying for a visa, may be arranged with an insurer authorized to provide this insurance in the territory under Act No. 277/2009 Coll., on insurance, as amended, and must be arranged to cover comprehensive healthcare.  
Comprehensive healthcare means healthcare provided to the insured in contractual healthcare facilities of the insurer without direct payment for the insured's treatment, with the aim of maintaining their health status prior to the conclusion of the insurance contract. Preventive or dispensary healthcare, as well as healthcare related to the insured mother's pregnancy and childbirth, must not be excluded from this insurance.

Document of travel health insurance for stays up to 90 days

The requirements for travel health insurance are set by the legal regulations of the European Communities - Regulation (EC) No 810/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 July 2009 establishing a Community Code on Visas. Applicants for a uniform visa for one or two entries must demonstrate that they have sufficient and valid travel insurance covering all costs that may arise during their stay on the territory of the Member States in connection with repatriation or in connection with urgent medical care, emergency hospital treatment, or death.
Persons applying for a multiple entry visa ("multiple entries") shall demonstrate that they have taken out sufficient and valid travel health insurance for the duration of the first intended visit. These applicants must also sign a declaration on the visa application form stating that they are aware of the obligation to take out travel health insurance for subsequent stays.
Insurance must be valid in the territory of the Member States and cover the entire duration of the intended stay.
The minimum insurance coverage must be EUR 30,000.

Duration of stay and insurance validity

It is important to realize that the validity of health insurance for foreigners may be tied to the length of stay in the Czech Republic. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the validity of the insurance and, if necessary, extend or update it.


Health insurance for foreigners - legislative change from January 1, 2024

Since January 1, 2024, all foreigners under 18 with valid long-term residence permits are newly included in public health insurance.
This change applies to all types of long-term residence regardless of their purpose. This change does not apply to foreigners under 18 who:

  • hold a long-term visa or
  • have permission for temporary residence as a family member of an EU citizen
Participation in public health insurance is mandatory by law and it is not possible to choose whether you want to be insured under public or private health insurance.

Health insurance for foreigners - legislative change from September 20, 2023 and the abolition of PVZP monopoly

Since September 20, 2023, the provision of comprehensive health insurance to foreigners in the Czech Republic is changing. It will now be possible to arrange travel health insurance covering comprehensive health care with any insurance company authorized to provide such insurance in the Czech Republic.

Commercial Health Insurance for Foreigners in the Czech Republic: Benefits, Online Enrollment, and Key Information.

Commercial health insurance for foreigners in the Czech Republic provides essential coverage for individuals staying in the country, whether for study or work purposes. If you are seeking information about this type of insurance, here is everything you need to know, including the option for remote online enrollment and document delivery via email. You can obtain commercial health insurance before arriving in the Czech Republic. 

Benefits of Commercial Health Insurance for Foreigners:
Wide Coverage of Healthcare: Ensures access to quality healthcare in the Czech Republic without worries about high costs for medical procedures, which can otherwise range in the hundreds of thousands or millions of Czech crowns.
Product Variants: Offers various product variants with different types of coverage, including urgent care, hospitalization, medical consultations, and preventive check-ups.
Prescribed Medications and Dental Care: Foreigners can have peace of mind knowing they are covered by health insurance, providing protection against unexpected expenses such as prescribed medications or dental care.
How to Obtain Commercial Health Insurance for Foreigners Online:
Choose a Reliable Insurance Company: Select a reputable insurance company that offers this service for foreigners in the Czech Republic. The list of insurers providing health insurance for foreigners in the Czech Republic is provided below.
Online Calculation: Fill out a simple online insurance application, typically requiring only details such as age, gender, length of stay, and health status on the website, and view different insurance options and price comparisons.
Arrange Insurance: Provide basic personal information and arrange online health insurance contracts for foreigners, which are created by paying the premium.
Confirmation and Payment Details: After submitting the application, you will receive confirmation and payment information.
Documents via Email: Upon processing the application and payment, you will receive all documents, including the insurance policy and insurance card, to your email.
24/7 Assistance Service: Along with health insurance, you also receive round-the-clock health assistance if you need help finding a doctor or interpreting in a medical facility.

Commercial health insurance for foreigners in the Czech Republic is an important step in ensuring healthcare during your stay. With the option to close online, the process is quick and convenient, facilitating the acquisition of the necessary coverage. For more information and to purchase insurance, visit the website.

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Urgent and Necessary Health Care Czech

Insurance for Urgent and Necessary Health Care

Insurance coverage and Basic Parameters of Insurance

- covers costs associated with acute medical treatment

- necessary examinations to establish a diagnosis for urgent and necessary assistance 
- hospitalization in a hospital 
- outpatient prescribed medications 
- emergency dental treatment 
- transportation to a medical facility in case of an acute condition repatriation of the insured, including the transportation of mortal remains to the insured's home country (some insurers cover transportation up to €60,000, while others have lower sublimits) 
- if a Schengen-type contract is concluded, the insurance also applies to urgent and necessary care in the Schengen area the insured's 
- health condition is not examined compared to comprehensive health insurance before concluding the contract, so it is not necessary to fill out and provide a health questionnaire.

Minimum limits for urgent and necessary healthcare 

Healthcare and transportation CZK 1,600,000 (min. €60,000) 
Dental care CZK 3,000 
Outpatient prescribed medications CZK 3,000

Why Have Insurance for Urgent and Necessary Care When Traveling to the Czech Republic?

The insurance ensures treatment in contractual healthcare facilities of the commercial insurer. Unlike regular treatment, the treatment will be provided without direct payment of costs by the client. In addition, the 24/7 assistance service can find a suitable doctor and provide interpretation if needed. In case of acute problems, urgent and necessary care will be provided to you in any healthcare facility. Therefore, the doctor or healthcare facility does not have to be a contractual healthcare facility of the insurer you are insured with. Some insurers offer insurance contracts from 1 to a maximum of 12 months, while others allow insurance to be taken out for up to 36 months. Urgent and necessary healthcare does not cover any medical expenses related to pregnancy, except for acute conditions. Insurance with a duration of up to 90 days is primarily intended to meet the legal requirement for the stay of foreigners in the Czech Republic for up to 90 days. This can also be, for example, a short-term study stay, such as a language course. Insurance with a duration exceeding 90 days can serve as travel insurance for foreigners and does not replace the Comprehensive Health Insurance for Foreigners product.

Commercial health insurance providers in Czech republic








Insurance for Students 

There are special programs and insurance for students of foreign universities or high schools in the Czech Republic, which provide them with healthcare during their studies in the Czech Republic. 

Insurance parameters 

Important factors in choosing the right insurance also include the network of medical facilities, limits on dental treatment, limits on prescription drugs by a doctor, and the number of visits to a doctor per year for preventive care. 

Insurance Offers Comparison 

Health insurance for foreigners in the Czech Republic is a key element in ensuring a safe and comfortable stay. When choosing suitable insurance, it is important to take into account not only legislative requirements but also personal needs and preferences; it is good to use, for example, some insurance comparators. After the abolition of the health insurance monopoly for foreigners, which allowed insurance only with PVZP, it is now possible to choose from offers of other commercial insurers as well. 

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